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NOTE — As of January 2010, Products, prices, and options are no longer being updated on this site. However, this page is still a great resource, so we've left it here for you!

Please see our new website,, for the most up-to-date product info.

Bagpipe Accessories

Everything that you need to take care of your pipes!

Rubber Blowpipe Valve
BPA01 – $5

Reed Absorbers ( Pack of 12)
BPA02– $4

Waxed Hemp ( 10oz. black or yellow)
BPA03– $10

Bore Oil (1 1/4 fluid oz.)
BPA04– $5

Little Mac Valve
BPA05– $17

Tapered Reamer for Little Mac
BPA06– $5

Little Mac Piper's 3rd Hand
BPA07– $12

Chanter Stock Protector
BPA08– $17

Cobbler's Wax
BPA09– $5

Standard Bagpipe Mouthpiece, 4"
BPA10– $22

Practice Chanter Brush
BPA11– $8

Pipe Chanter Brush
BPA12– $8

Drone Brush
BPA14– $8

Bagpipe Maintenance Kit
(Recommended with all new Highland bagpipe purchases. Includes many of the above items, plus a view goodies.)
BPA15– $59

Airstream Mouthpiece
(Choose from 3 1/2", 4", or 1 1/2")
BPA16– $28

Airstream Blowpipe Deluxe
(Choose from 8 ", 9", 10", 11" or 12")
BPA17– $115

Bagpipe Water Trap
BPA19– $12

Bagpipe Pull Through Swab
BPA20– $4

Bagpipe Seasoning
BPA21– $7


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