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The Minnesota Tartan was born on February 4th, 2002. The Minnesota state Senate voted that day, unanimously, on a resolution to adopt it as the official state tartan. Today it is alive and well, and as Minnesotans and Scots it is our responsibility to ensure that it thrives as a symbol of our state.

Left to Right: Tartan Designer Mark Osweiler, Senator Gen Olson, Senator Ellen Anderson, Senator Jane Ranum, Senator Sheila Kiscaden, Project Coordinator Jackie Johnston, Tartan Day Coordinator Barbara Humphrey. Not Pictured: Senator Satveer Chaudhary

The tartan colors symbolize the nature, qualities, and beauty of Minnesota and all that weaves us together. The tartan, designed by Mark Osweiller, was a gift to the people of Minnesota from the Minnesota Tartan Day Cooperative (made up of 14 Scottish organizations). Many people donated countless hours of their time to bring the Minnesota Tartan to us.

This site has been created as an information source, to allow easy access to Minnesota Tartan products, and to give credit to all those involved in bringing our state tartan into existence. Please contact us if you have comments or ideas to contribute.