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NOTE — As of January 2010, Products, prices, and options are no longer being updated on this site. However, this page is still a great resource, so we've left it here for you!

Please see our new website,, for the most up-to-date product info.

Economy Kilts

Our Economy Kilts are great for athletes, first-time buyers, those on a budget, or as an extra kilt to save wear and tear on your nicer kilts. Yet they are nice enough that we have many customers use them for weddings and other formal occasions.
These are good looking kilts, especially for the price. They are made from 4-6 yds (depending on waist size) of our Homespun tartan, and pleated in the back just like more expensive kilts. The machine-stitched pleats are each about 1" wide, and 3-4" deep. They are fully lined with three straps and buckles and belt loops.

HOWEVER, please keep in mind that the Economy Kilt (both Stock and Special-Order) is NOT a custom tailored kilt, so it will most likely not fit as if it was tailored for you. The waist and hip size is about the same. If your hip measurement is more than 4 inches larger than your waist, then the kilt will not fit as well as it should. If this is unacceptable, please purchase a Casual Kilt or Formal Kilt, either of which will be tailored to your exact specifications.

(above) Happy customer Chris Ellison tossing the caber wearing one of our Black Watch Economy Kilts. (The guy in the background is not wearing one of our kilts).

Stock Black Watch Economy Kilts
KBW01 – only $99
We keep a large number of these kilts in stock, and try to cover the whole range of sizes at all times. If your size is in stock we can usually ship orders the same day. If the size you have ordered is out of stock, you may need to allow up to 8 weeks for delivery. Please contact us if you have a specific deadline to meet and we'll see what we can do.


Special Order Economy Kilts
KBSO1 – only $119
Made to order in your choice of over 30 tartans. Special order. Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery. View our selection of special order tartans.

(above) Happy customer C.J "Yeah, I wear a kilt - anyone got a problem with that?" MacRobie wearing one of our Black Watch Economy Kilts.

How To Measure for Your Kilt:
1) Measure your waist size in inches at the navel (belly button). This is the traditional kilt waist.
Alternatively, for a more casual look, many men prefer to wear their kilts at the pants waist. If this is what you choose, then measure comfortably around your waist where the top of your pants rest.
Or, If you intend to wear your kilt mostly for formal occasions, and you have a bit more around the middle than you might like to have, you may want to measure a little higher than the navel to get over the crest of the "beer gut". The higher waist will help your kilt stay up where it belongs.
2) Measure around your hips at the fullest point (usually 6-8 inches below the waist).
3) Measure from your waist (kilt waist or pants waist accordingly) to about the middle of the knee. This is usually best done with some help because if you bend over even a bit, your measurement will not be correct.

(above) Back view of the Economy Kilt, illustrating the pleats.
(left) Happy customer Craig McLeod wearing his Special Order Economy Kilt (MacLeod of Lewis tartan).


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