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NOTE — As of January 2010, Products, prices, and options are no longer being updated on this site. However, this page is still a great resource, so we've left it here for you!

Please see our new website,, for the most up-to-date product info.

Braveheart Ancient Kilts Braveheart Phillabeg Braveheart Great Kilt

Braveheart Kilts

Braveheart picture shamelessly ripped off from some other website which shamelessly ripped it off from the movie. Braveheart Tartan (from the movie)
Mel Gibson wearing a
Braveheart Ancient Kilt
The Braveheart Tartan

These kilts are made from the same 100% wool tartan, woven in Scotland by the same weaver, as the kilts used in the filming of the movie "Braveheart" ! The Braveheart tartan is very rustic, woven in natural wool and earthtones believed to be authentic to that period. Select one of the link above or below to view out three different Braveheart Kilts.

Braveheart Ancient Kilt
This is the same style kilt worn in the movie. The Braveheart Ancient Kilt is made from a long piece of single-width fabric, about 25" wide. This allows you to pleat the kilt with 2-3 yards left over that is worn over the shoulder as a sash.

Braveheart Phillabeg or "Little Kilt"
The Phillabeg is an early predecessor of today's modern kilt, dating back to at least the late 1600's. It is simply a length of tartan about 25" wide and about 4 yds long, loosely bunched or pleated, and held about the waist with a belt. (The Braveheart Ancient Kilt is a Phillabeg with an extra 2-3 yards of fabric attached for a sash.)

Braveheart Great Kilt
It is hard to beat a traditional great kilt, and the Braveheart tartan makes a particularly nice one because the fabric is woven 63 inches wide (wider than any other tartan we have available). When you belt it on, more than half of the fabric is above the belt.This extra fabric can be bustled up behind you, pinned over the shoulder, or worn over both shoulders like a cloak.

Braveheart Ancient Kilts Braveheart Phillabeg Braveheart Great Kilt

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