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NOTE — As of January 2010, Products, prices, and options are no longer being updated on this site. However, this page is still a great resource, so we've left it here for you!

Please see our new website,, for the most up-to-date product info.

Celtic Animal Pendants

Animals ere an important part of historic Celtic art and culture. In that tradition, our Celtic Animal Pendants are inspired by actual Pictish stone carvings. They come in your choice of bronze, or sterling silver. Each is approximately 2" x 1 1/4" and include a matching 18" chain. Handcrafted in the USA.

Celtic Unicorn Pendant
JPCU – $25 Bronze, $50 Sterling Silver.
Celtic Unicorn pendant with 18" chain.
The Unicorn is a symbol of purity, endurance, agility, perseverance, wisdom and playfulness.

Bronze Celtic Horse Pendant

Celtic Horse Pendant
JPCH – $25 Bronze, $50 Sterling Silver.
Celtic Horse pendant with 18" chain.
The Celts were supreme horsemen. The horse was a significant symbol for them. The horse was also associated with Epona, the Celtic goddess of fruitfulness.

Bronze Etwined Dragon Pendant

Entwined Dragon Pendant
JPCD– $25 Bronze, $50 Sterling Silver.
Entwined Dragon pendant with 18" chain.

The dragon was a known creature of power among the ancients. It is interwoven in the Celtic or Viking style.

Bronze Dragon's Head Pendant

Dragon's Head Pendant
JPCDH – $25 Bronze, $50 Sterling Silver.
Dragon's Head pendant with 18" chain.

The dragon has always been regarded to have mystical properties.

Celtic Wolf Pendant

Celtic Wolf Pendant
JPCW– $25 Bronze, $50 Sterling Silver.
Celtic Wolf pendant with 18" chain.
The wolf was a popular totem in many cultures. The wolf was known for its ferocity and cunning, and was widely feared and respected.

Celtic Cat Pendant

Celtic Cat Pendant
JPCC– $25 Bronze, $50 Sterling Silver.
Celtic Cat pendant with 18" chain.
The cat has always been regarded to have mystical properties. They Egyptians worshiped the cat as the guardian of the underworld. The cat played a role in the Celtic religion as well.


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