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NOTE — As of January 2010, Products, prices, and options are no longer being updated on this site. However, this page is still a great resource, so we've left it here for you!

Please see our new website, www.kilts-n-stuff.com, for the most up-to-date product info.

NEW! Historic Books on CD-ROM

Now you can have information that was previously only available to the scholars! Original copies of these books can only be found in a few libraries and private rare-book collections. Now you can have them too, on these Windows and Mac compatible CD-ROMs.

Old Irish and Highland Dress CD-ROM

Old Irish and Highland Dress CD-ROM

By H. F. McClintock. Originally published in 1943.
202 pages + illustrations.

This classic volume provides a detailed look at the dress of the Scottish Highlanders, and the Irish, in ancient times. It provides a wealth of information on the dress of these two closely related Celtic lands.
Many of the illustrations are drawn from rare, archival sources. They are invaluable in understanding the development of both men's and women's dress. Covers a time period from earliest times through the eighteenth century.
Chapters on Ireland include: Up to Strongbow's Invasion, 1169 A.D.; From Strongbow's Invasion to the Year 1500; 16th and 17th Century Pictures.
Chapters on Scotland include: Up to the Year 1600, The Saffron Shirt in Scotland; 17th Century, The Belted Plaid; 18th Century, Origin and Introduction of the Kilt. There's also a chapter on the dress of the Isle of Man.

Ancient Scottish Weapons & Highland Targets and Shields CD-ROM Ancient Scottish Weapons & Highland Targets and Shields CD-ROM

By James Drummond, R.S.A., F.S.A. Scot.

Two books on one disc!
Highland Targets and Shields was published in 1873, in an edition of only 50 books. 35 pages + illustrations.
Ancient Scottish Weapons was published 8 years later, in 1881, in an edition of only 500 books. 138 pages + illustrations.
Without question, Ancient Scottish Weapons is one of the most important guides to Highland armor, arms and equipment ever compiled. Along with the author's shorter work, Highland Targets and Shields, these two books provide detailed illustrations and information about armor, shields, swords, dirks, powder horns, pistols, muskets, and axes. Also includes brooches and some other Highland dress items.
This CD-ROM is an essential books are essential for the military historian, the artisan, or the costumer.
Clans, Septs, & Regiments of theScottish Highlands CD-ROM Clans, Septs, & Regiments of theScottish Highlands CD-ROM

By Frank Adam, F.S.A. Scot. Originally published in 1907.
546 pages + illustrations.

Possibly the most famous book on Scotland published in the 20th century! Clans, Septs & Regiments of the Scottish Highlands is a classic reference work for all who have an interest in Scotland.
When it first appeared in print, it was the first real attempt to present a complete study of the Highlands. It includes large sections on the Highland clan system, the clans themselves, Highland surnames, Highland garb, tartan, Highland music, the Celtic languages in Britain, the destruction of the clan system, Highland regiments, Lowland regiments, the Highland clans after Culloden, and armorial bearings of the great Highland families.
There are also illustrations of the various stages and sorts of Highland dress, maps showing Scotland's development through the centuries, and color illustrations of 114 tartans.
Still as useful as a detailed reference as it was a century ago, Clans, Septs, and Regiments should be on every good Scots-American's shelf!
Early Highland Dress CD-ROM Early Highland Dress CD-ROM

By Matthew A. C. Newsome. 60 pages.
(Not a historic reprint. Published in it's original form as a book on CD-ROM).

Not a historic reprint, but just as good (or better!). Matthew Newsome is a true modern scholar. He presents information here that is useful and interesting to anyone with an interest in Scottish history.
His quest for information on early Highland dress is presented both in text and in illustrations, in chapters titled: The Leine, A Leine Pattern, The Early History of the Kilt, Pre-Culloden Tartans, Gaelic Footwear, and The Sporran. There is as well an extensive bibliography referring the reader to additional sources for information on this most elusive of topics.
An excerpt from the book's introduction:"When one begins to research the history of Highland dress, it quickly becomes apparent that prior to the seventeenth century reliable information becomes hard to find, if available at all. Books may have a few introductory paragraphs dealing with this early period, but whole chapters detailing the characteristic tartans and plaids of seventeenth and eighteenth century Scotland. To be fair the historic record is not nearly as complete for this earlier period as it is for later centuries.... Here, in this little volume, I hope to share the fruits of that research, dispel some myths, and with any luck inspire the reader to further investigation...

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