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The Celtic Croft

If you're looking for The Celtic Croft,
you've found us!

There is another store named Celtic Croft, which causes a bit of confusion. So, we have named our NEW website:

Feel free to browse here at — there's lots of great product information. However, as of January 2010, product information here will no longer be updated, so at this point it's only 7 years out of date! (New Celtic Croft site coming here soon.) When you are ready to make a purchase, please go to our new website,, to check for updates and make your purchase. As always, please contact us if you have any questions!

(The other Celtic Croft is a local Celtic gift store in a cute little town in Connecticut. They are not affiliated with us, but if you should find yourself in their area, drop by and pay them a visit. Their website is, which causes the confusion.)


We, The Celtic Croft, have been in business, family owned and operated, since 1996. We do not have a retail store, choosing instead to specialize in catalog and internet sales of kilts and stuff. We also attend Highland Games and festivals around the country. We are located in the twin cities Minneapolis Saint Paul Minnesota area (Brooklyn Park).

The Celtic Croft has a complete line of Kilts and tartans! Kilts to fit any period or budget! Six different styles to choose from, from ancient to modern. Whether you're looking for the "Braveheart" look, a classic Great Kilt, or a modern formal or Casual Kilt, we've got a kilt for you! We have Scottish Kilts, Irish Kilts, Welsh Kilts, and many other tartans to choose from!

We have accessories to match all of the kilts we sell, ancient or modern, including a line of budget-friendly economy items. We have historic women's clothing and children's Kilts and a full line of accessories to match: belts, sporrans, boots, brooches, jewelry, weapons, bodhrans, tartan, and more...

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our Kilts. We love to hear from people about our products and website.

Be sure to visit our new website at!


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Kilts for every occasion! Scottish, Irish, and Welsh Kilts and tartans. Casual, formal, economy, Ancient Kilts, Great Kilts and Phillabegs. Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA.

Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnesota, MN, St Paul, Twin-Cities.

    Scottish Products Distributors Association Award Winner